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I have yet to meet someone who hasn’t bought something from Amazon. I have yet to see a product that is VoIP ready. Those were the two triggers to our decision to go Amazon and this is the story that I want to share with you in this blog. First, we couldn’t find an offering that put any business into VoIP Telephony and by that I mean some ready-made product that comes with everything I need on my desk and everything I need in the air, plus the in-between conduit. In other words, a bundle. That was the idea and next we worked hard on the concept. My checklist was very basic, but helpful throughout the journey, and this is it:

  1. Is it easy for the customer?
  2. Does it have everything needed?
  3. Where do we get the necessary data for all things technical?
  4. Are these the Best of Breed products and services?
  5. And, most important of all: Do we have absolute confidence – and experience – to deliver it?

This last question was the leading one for our Engineering team. How do we deliver and how do we provision and how do we...? I don’t want to go into the technical details, but those of you who have lived through a VoIP implementation know the drill – and the intricacies of the procedure. Now imagine that same procedure without final user intervention. What we wanted was that our customer would open the box, follow a simple procedure, do local connections among the “boxes” and start using VoIP Telephony. We also wanted to be able to offer the customer the option of “In The Cloud” and “On-Premises” something that was the main topic of my previous posting (see “HOSTED versus ON-PREMISES VoIP Solutions: Controversy or Opportunity?”). We decided on the following configurations:

HOSTED PBX BASIC BUNDLE: Puts your small business in the Cloud on day one. It includes 4 IP Phones and all the hardware, software, access to the Cloud, and minutes to start calling immediately.
HOSTED PBX WITH IP FAX BUNDLE: The same as the one above with the addition of IP Fax functionality, robust and tested.
ON-PREMISES PBX RVB PSTN PROVIDER BASIC BUNDLE: This bundle we configured for the user who does not have a PSTN Telephone Service or one who wishes to change the current PSTN Telephone Service provider. It is a complete and ready-to-go-now On-Premises VoIP solution.
ON PREMISES PBX RVB PSTN PROVIDER WITH IP FAX BUNDLE: Same as the one above but with the addition of IP Fax functionality, robust and tested.

We were able to combine all the elements thanks to our alliance with RingVoz, a USA Telecom Carrier, with ample experience in Retail and High-Volume VoIP service. It is through them that we provide full PSTN Telephone Service for all the options. TelOnline provides equipment, consulting, and VoIP expertise, and RingVoz provides a well-tested international platform, World Class Customer Service, and engineering support. We are locating all this synergy inside a new Division, RingVoz Business.

It has been a learning experience and the selling platform, Amazon, couldn’t be better. One final word on our experience: be patient, test thoroughly, and prepare detailed workflows. They will expedite your ticket to launching your new products.

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